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From avid fans, to parents, gamers, and builders.

Welcome to Over The Top, our blog on parenting, crafting, gaming and life in general!

With four boys ranging from 15 to 3 months, our life can often be described as chaos. As I'm sure many parents can relate to, we are constantly kept on our toes by the kiddos arounds us. Yet, through all of it, we have found shared interests that let us find moments to continue doing the things we loves.

And by making these small moments as over the top as possible, we strive to making lasting memories for the entire family.

So who are we?

I'm Alex!

  • Things I Enjoy: Video Games, Tabletop Games, Hiking, Architecture, Design, and Crafting.

  • Things I Hate: Crooked lines, spiders, temperatures above 90 degrees (Don't ask why I live in Texas)

I'm Kristen!

  • Things I Enjoy: Telling my husband I'm going to fill out an about me.

  • Things I Hate: Filling out an about me.



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