• Alex

Star Wars with a Tiki Twist

Moving rooms is always a headache, but when that rooms turns into a Star Wars Tiki Paradise it isn't so bad.

About a year ago, as our family grew, we made the decision to shuffle some rooms around. For kids, this is always a tough transition. Things aren't where they are use to, set routines don't seem to work, and there is always the sense of "what did I get out of this?"

To prevent this, we sat down with our two middle children who would be sharing the room and asked for input on what they would like their room to look like. One wanted the ocean, the other wanted Star Wars. We came to the agreement of a Star Wars Tiki Paradise and got to work.

We could have found some artwork and toys to match the theme, but of course, we took it one step further to create a memorable experience.

Creating the Tiki Hut:

To combine the two themes, we found a few images online that really captured the vibe we were looking for and began to sketch out the look of the room. We wanted the kids to be really involved, so we roped them into helping us lay out the design and provide creative input.

The room is predominately filled by a wooden bunk bed that made sense as the focal point for the room so we spent most of our effort here. While the first idea was to turn it into a boat, it slowly evolved into a tiki hut, complete with thatch roof.

For the thatch we ordered a big roll of it, which was incredible, but we quickly learned we had to set it in the garage for a few days to prevent the room from smelling like hay. Underneath the bed we covered the surface with blue cloth, painting underwater creatures on the wall, and installed a water simulation light that shined across the roof.

Under the thatch roof, we installed twinkling lights and a tiki head (complete with battery powered flame!).

As the we finished up the hut, we printed a series of images that we found online and fit the theme, in addition to a few that Alex photoshop specifically for the room. Add a new organizational unit, lots of plants, and we have a proper tiki paradise!



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